Dear McKoy: Feeling guilty after having sex with my sister’s boyfriend

Dear McKoy,

My sister and her boyfriend have been having problems and he recently came to me for comfort and we had sex. It sounds so cliche but I think we’ve always been attracted to each other. He came to me in tears and after talking for a while we ended up kissing and we just had sex on my living room couch. It was amazing but afterwards I felt guilty. I felt guilty cause I know they love each other and I’ve always been close to my sister. He didn’t say anything to me on his way out and we’ve been avoiding each other. I don’t know if I should say anything or not. It kills me to look at her and listen to her relationship problems when I know I was intimate with her man. It’s all so confusing. What should I do?


Dear C.P.,

Such actions are inexcusable but you must know how much you truly value your sister and decide if you want to say anything.  Things are always revealed in time so perhaps you want to break the news to her yourself. Don’t be surprised if she chooses to cut you off afterwards though. It won’t be an easy process.


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