Dear Mckoy. I am a 42yrs old male married to a stunning lady with two beautiful children. I love my wife unconditionally and wouldn’t intentionally bring harm to her and my children purposefully but I find myself fantasizing about my boss a lot whenever am alone.
The secret is my boss is a transsexual and am pretty much aware of it, he has sexy plumb lips and silky smooth skin.
I Don’t see myself being gay but I often fantasize about him giving me oral sex. We get along very well and often times go on business lunch dates.
I find myself spending a lot of time with him at the office, I would even sometimes go to the restroom and masturbate about him. I do not see him as a man but as a sexy plumb lips woman that am attracted to.
Dear J.J.. I am not here to judge and neither am I a psychologist but I would suggest you seek counseling before you make a foolish mistake and destroy your family.   

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