Dear McKoy: Ex-husband Happy with his Pregnant Girlfriend, After He Encouraged me to Tie My Tubes

Dear McKoy: My ex-husband told me to get my tubes tied because he did not want children and I foolishly listened. No, he is with another woman and she is pregnant and he’s so excited on social media. I feel so stupid and heartbroken and I cannot believe I made this happen. We broke up because he cheated and I couldn’t take it anymore but I feel like my loyalty and devotion were exploited and in the end he won. I don’t really talk about this because I feel ashamed but I cannot hold it in anymore. I would really like to hear what you have to say about this. I don’t want to be swallowed in depression forever but you can imagine how I feel especially after I REALLY wanted a child.


Dear O.P.,

I am deeply sorry that you feel this way and I hope you are not blaming yourself. This man manipulated you and your love for him made you compromise. You should remove him from social media and focus on your own wellbeing. Understand that even if you didn’t have biological children, that won’t stop you from being a mother. There are many other options available. You sound like a lovely person and I pray that you will heal and thrive in time.


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