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Dear McKoy – Disgruntled woman


Dear McKoyDisgruntled woman [ Mckoy’s News] Thanks in advance for your time. So a friend of mine recently posted that she’ll be visiting Jamaica in a few weeks and a dirty lady decided to comment on the post, “Jamaica ewww..” I was so upset that I almost disrespected her. It was my knowledge that she had said Ewww when my friend mentioned Jamaica that saved her.

I want some advice on how to handle the situation. I have tried ignoring the ost but it hurts so bad that this hooligan can really see someone comment about my sweet sweet home and say that. I want to know if I should put her in her place or let it go?

Answer me, McKoy, I am growing angrier and angrier as we speak!

A disgruntled woman

Dear Disgruntled woman,

Thanks for your patience in this matter.

It’s understandable why you would be upset, however, you might be able to understand why she might have made the comment she made.

Here’s what we’d recommend! Ask her why she feels the way she does. Maybe then you can point out all the beautiful things about Jamaica. If then nothing changes, take the high road, don’t give her anymore reasons to detest our beautiful island.

Until then,

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