Dear Mckoy: Depressed 3-minutes Man

Dear Mckoy: I don’t know what kind of crasis is following me because I cannot last more than 3 minutes maximum with women.  Because of this, I don’t have a committed woman.

I am 23 years old and started noticing this problem from I just started daggering at 19 years old.  I have a giant size 11 inches penis so women want it but I cannot last no time.  Sometimes just the sight of the vagina gets me going wild and cum. They always get disappointed and don’t return.  This damage my self-esteem so bad and makes me afraid to approach women.  Some persons sometimes ask if I don’t like women because I don’t look them easily.

I try all kinds of remedies, like roots, boom and tonic but none don’t work.  The amount of money I spend on these things only for them to fail me.  I even go to obeahman and him just take my money for nothing.

Because of this, I hold serious grudge for men who please them partners.  I try doing oral sex to get the ladies to cum but vagina doesn’t taste good at all.  Any time I try eating, I want to vomit for the whole day. I am fearful of using viagra because I heard it can speed up heart rate and kill me.

A girl in my community embarrassed me almost 3 years now.  She told other girls that I am not a long-distance stulla and they laugh me to scorn.  The embarrassment made me leave and rented somewhere away from them.

I want to be able to dagger for long and in different positions but all work is missionary and 2 minutes.



Dear Blues: There are medications available to remedy your condition.  You need to visit a medical doctor and get checked;   if needs be, you may be referred to a specialist.  

All the best sir

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