Dear McKoy: Dating My friend’s Ex-Boyfriend

Dear McKoy,

Recently, I’ve started dating this man my friend used to date but she doesn’t know. They had an amicable breakup and still talk occasionally but I’ve always wanted him and vice versa. He takes care of me in every way and ensures I’m good. Over the weekend we went on a spontaneous vacation and I had the best time. I told her it was a family outing though but I feel bad for lying. I can’t keep lying anymore but I don’t know how to approach her with this. Do you have any tips on how to break this news to her? I care about her feelings that’s why this is a little hard for me.


Dear H.L.,

First of all, you are not a friend to that girl. If you were, you wouldn’t deceive her like this. Since you are bold enough to date her ex, be bold to tell her to her face. Don’t expect that she’ll be okay with it though. 


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