Dear Mckoy: Conned My Sideman that I Lost His Baby, But Pregnant Now’

Dear Mckoy: I have been talking to this married man for 3 years going on.  He is 54 and I am 28 years old.  He is very wealthy and kind.  He was taking great care of me and made sure that I was not wanting anything.  He bought me a little car and pays my bills.  I ensure I give him some great sex and fulfill all the fantasies that the wife is not doing.  He lives in a community near to mine and so we keep the relationship very private.

One time we went to a hotel together and were having so much fun.  He made me feel like I was his wife the way we were acting lovey-dovey.  He told me to sit by myself because he just saw one of his wife’s friends.  He said he walked far from her and hide.  We left the hotel instantly.  I realized he was getting cold feet so I would tell him that nobody saw him there or else his wife would have said something.

He wasn’t giving me the same attention anymore and I got scared because I indeed loved him.  I had to find a way to keep him and I don’t believe in witchcraft.  I decided to just tell him that I am pregnant.  I am on birth control so that is impossible but he never knew that.  He got so excited and said he would come by for us to do the test together.  I avoided him for 1 month straight because I know I couldn’t urinate and get the results. I stopped the birth control pills.

I saw a pregnant girl one day and told her my situation and asked her to sell me some of her urine.  She agreed and that night I hid it in the bathroom and called him over.  He brought his own tests and I wasn’t worried because I had the pee stashed away.  I peed in the toilet but used the other one to poor on all the tests.  I hid some under the cabinet for just in case purposes.  He came in and look at the tests as they all turned positive.   He was so excited and that night we had sex, I secured all his sperm in me hoping to really get pregnant.  He started treating me even better than before.  For that week, we had sex 4 times and I was praying to get pregnant.  My wicked period came and I was so distraught.  During that time I wore tampons and told him that I was just feeling weak and out of it.  He pampered me and was there throughout.  I started pushing out my belly when I was around him and he would rub on the little bulge. As the period finished, I was sexing him often throughout the month but no pregnancy.  I got really scared because I didn’t know what else to do.

He sent me to Miami for a week to do some shopping and that’s when I decided to fake a miscarriage.  I lined up my cousin on the plan and we worked it out.  I told him that I fell down in the bathroom and saw blood coming down my legs and the doctor said I had a miscarriage.  He was so hurt because he wanted this baby but he was there for me.

We never had sex and my period never came but I just ignored it because the tests I did prior showed negative.  I missed my period again so I decided to do another test and the devil gave me a positive reading.  I did 3 more and they are all positive.  Now after I told that massive lie, how can I tell him now that I am pregnant for real?

Distraught Girl

Dear Miss Distraught: You are a great mastermind of deception.  You conned that man about a fake pregnancy and you went as far as buying another person’s urine; that is grossly nasty and disgusting.  You went along to fake a miscarriage overseas and now you are really pregnant for him.  The only way out of this is to tell him the entire truth or take care of this child on your own.  This would be a miracle if this man still chooses to be with you after he hears the truth but he may take care of his child.

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