Dear Mckoy - Confused Wife

Dear Mckoy – Confused Wife

Dear McKoy,

My man recently went out of the parish for business. He came back a week later but he has been acting weird since then. He isn’t able to look me in the eyes and he doesn’t want to kiss me. He has even started taking his phone calls outside or in the bathroom.

I spoke with his business partner who went with him on the trip and he told me that my man had been with a stripper. I have confronted him but he denies what his business partner says.

The problem is that he now wants to sleep with me but I can’t trust him. Do you think I am wrong to deny him of sex? Or do you think I am an idiot for still being with him? What would you do?

-Confused Wife

Dear confused wife,
It is so sad that after living with this man for so long he cannot be trusted, being that he went and cheated on you with someone else. Even worst that you had to hear about what he did, behind your back, from his business partner. Honestly speaking I don’t believe that he deserves you; however, that is your decision to make. Therefore, my advice to you since you apparently made the decision to forgive him and stay with him, in spite of what he did, is that you need to let him get a medical check-up to show that he is ok and has not caught any sexually transmitted disease before start having sex with him again. Furthermore, I would advise that you both go through some counseling sessions and if you can really get past what he did then let him seal his commitment to you by marrying you.

All the best and I am praying for you.

Answer by: Pastor Daydrea Hyman

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