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Dear Mckoy: Cheating On My Husband With My Boss And Another Man

Dear Mckoy: Cheating On My Husband With My Boss And Another Man

Dear Mckoy: Cheating On My Husband With My Boss And Another Man–  I am a married woman of 13years and have been cheating on my husband with my boss for over 8 years. But now my husband has become suspicious and has been asking a lot of questions.

Some time ago I contracted an infection and kept it to myself while I treated it and not informed any of the three men. Because I wasn’t sure which of them I had gotten it from.

My husband who is a loyal man to me since then became suspicious but never mentioned anything pertaining to me having an infection but was avoiding sex with me.

It was my boss who is also a married man brought it into questioning and suggested that I check out myself. But until now the other man hasn’t yet said anything to me and because of my guilt, I have been avoiding him and preventing myself from being reinfected by him and hoping he will eventually find out and have himself treated.

Now with all this, my husband finally outburst and told me I gave him an infection and he’s going to my workplace to confront my boss because he overheard conversations with my boss that were personal.
I’m not sure what to do.

St. James.

Dear St.James: Let me be very brief here.  If you’re having a multi affair with all these men and you transmitted an infection not being sure who gave who and who you’re spreading it too.  It is only fair that since your husband is now aware of it and had got himself treated, and also your boss. I believe it’s only fair you let the other man aware of your diseases you may have given to him, your boss and husband so he could also have his self checked and treated.

And as a married woman, you should be ashamed of yourself knowing you have infected all these men with whatever infection you claimed you had then turned around playing the victim.

All the best.

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