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Dear Mckoy: Caught my Sister and Stepfather Having Sex

Dear McKoy. I live with my mother my stepfather and 2 big sisters. I came home and caught one of my sisters and stepfather having sex. They beg me not to talk but I come home again and catch them again.

I feel very sad about it and sorry for my mother because she doesn’t know what is happening. I am afraid to tell my other sister because she will fight my stepfather and sister because she doesn’t like him and she fight him already. Should I tell my mother and other sisters I am afraid.


Dear (Kingston).
I am sorry for the sadness your sister and stepfather have been causing you. They both have no self-respect or respect for your mother they are to be ashamed of themselves! Especially your sister that’s a very worthless and disgraceful act!! yes, you should tell your mother what Is happening between your sister and stepfather before its too late. 

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