Dear Mckoy: Caught My Grandfather Sleeping With My Mother

Dear Mckoy: Caught My Grandfather Sleeping With My Mother– This is a little disturbing for me but I do need some advise.

I grew up with my mother and grandparents. I have never met my father. I questioned my mom and grand parents about my father’s whereabouts but was told he died before my mom gave birth to me so she registered me in her name.

Now I’m confused because just recently I caught my mother and grandfather in bed and it traumatized me and had me really confused wondering if it could be that my grandfather is my father.

After catching them they both begged me not to tell anyone, but it’s haunting me.  I need help!

K R  Westermorland.

Dear KR:  I find your story some how disturbing. And I’m very touched to know that you have to be dealing with such deceit from your mother and grandfather. 

What I do advice is that you tell both your mother and grandfather you want to have a very serious talk with them, and in doing so demand the truth.  

And express yourself to them both,  let them know exactly how the situation is affecting you. In doing so embrace yourself for whatever the truth may be.

Good Luck.

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