Dear McKoy: Caught my cousin with her mother’s boyfriend

Dear McKoy,

I caught my cousin with her mother’s boyfriend and when I attempted to tell my aunt her daughter was sleeping with her man, she called me a liar and put me out. I am currently staying with a friend but I wish I had taken a picture or video. They were actually having sex but my aunt swears that her man is the most faithful. The truth is, the man has been taking care of my cousin financially for a while and it all makes sense now. I have not tried reaching back out because I don’t like being labeled as a liar. Most of my belongings are there and I am scared to go back because my cousin might fight me. I am not sure how to approach the situation. What do you think I should do?


Dear B.R.,

You were only doing what you thought was right so you can’t blame yourself. Please do not take your cousin’s threats lightly. If you want, you should allow someone to accompany you to the house. Please stay safe.


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