Dear McKoy: Caught an STD from my Sideman and Pinned it on My Husband

Dear McKoy,

I caught an STD and gave it to my husband unknowingly but pinned the blame on him. I was sleeping around and caught it, but I did not know until after some time that I had contracted anything. I had unprotected sex with my husband and we started experiencing symptoms around the same time. Both tests came back positive and I started crying in the doctor’s office. I guess he felt guilty cause he started apologizing about his affairs. I knew it was me who gave him because I contacted the person I was seeing and he told me he had it. In essence, he knowingly infected me cause he’s angry at women. Many of us are paying for what his ex-girlfriend did to him. I feel so angry, guilty and ashamed. I do not know if I should tell my husband. He is going to be so disappointed and livid if I do. I am taking my medication and trying to be healthy but I am not at peace.


Dear C.S.,

You need to tell him the truth. What happens when he asks the woman/women he was sleeping with to take tests and they come back negative? You owe him honesty, at least. After all you did, it’s really the bare minimum. Continue taking care of yourself. An STD does not mean the end of the world. Please live more responsibly. 


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