Dear McKoy: Carrot Stuck in My Vagina

Dear McKoy: There is currently a piece of carrot stuck in my vagina. I know, it sounds very strange but I foolishly used a big carrot to masturbate last week and it broke inside me. I managed to get a piece out but I can still feel another piece inside. I am ashamed to tell anybody, especially my boyfriend because he always warns me against sex toys and anything of the sort. I was just so horny and he was tired so I decided to help myself when I was home alone.I am never doing anything like this again! I am not sure how it’s gonna come out but I need it gone before I catch an infection or it starts to smell. Please don’t judge me.


Dear D.S.,

I am not judging you but you need to go to the doctor immediately. They will know what to do. I hope everything works out safely.


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