Dear McKoy: Boyfriend on Vacation with his Side Chick

Dear McKoy,

I am writing this in tears. My boyfriend of two years went on “vacation” without me over the weekend and I felt it in my bones that something was suspicious. McKoy, this man is still currently out frolicking with his side piece. Yes, in this exact moment. I am so baffled at how brazen she was to send me pictures of them together in a hotel room and when I confronted him, he acted stupid. I don’t know if he’s on his way home. I feel stupid. I should have known better. I know him and since he did not invite me I should have picked up on something. Not sure if he’s on his way back home but I am throwing all his stuff out of MY house. He is so ungrateful and cold. I literally did everything for this BOY- he’s not a man. I hope I can heal soon.


Dear G.G.,

I am so deeply sorry you are feeling this pain. I am in total agreement of you breaking up. Make sure you have supportive friends and family during this time. You will heal in time. Better is there for you.


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