Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m Already Married

Dear Mckoy: Boyfriend Doesn’t Know I’m Already Married-  I’m a regular reader if your news. Keep up the good work.

I’m 29 from the state of California but have been visiting Jamaica with my parents from in my early teens.
I have always like Jamaican men, so as an adult I still come on vacations and try to have a little fun.

About two years ago I met a guy at the resort I was staying and we got intimate eventually we decided to pursue a relationship. What I never told him was that I have been married from I was 19 but my husband being an older man allows me my space to have fun.

Now a few days ago I went back to Jamaica to visit this boyfriend of mine and in the mids of dinner, he proposed to me. I accepted it because I didn’t want to embarrass him in the presence of so many strangers.

But since I got back home I have been avoiding his text and calls.  I’m not sure how to face him with the truth.

Jaz   California.

Dear Jaz: Thanks for the support. We hope you will continue to enjoy our news as we try to give our readers nothing but the best.

Now to your story. And I’m gonna be very blunt here.
Are you aware of the consequences and risk your running with your life?  Think about it.

My only advice to you is that you should call this boyfriend of yours and be very straight up with him about your lifestyle and marriage. let him know the reason why you accept his proposal and end the relationship right there.

All the best.

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