Dear Mckoy: Bad dreams of my boyfriend that scares me

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Dear Mckoy: Bad dreams of my boyfriend that scares me-  It’s been almost a year now since my boyfriend and I have been together.
I believe him to be a very honest and open partner to me. Since lately, I have noticed that I have been experiencing some very bad dreams about us having physical conflicts.
I’m a person that believes in prayer, so I prayed about it and told myself it’s nothing but a dream.
But now it has become more consecutive like for 3 nights. He’s not a person that believes in dreams, nevertheless, I told him about my bad dreams, and he giggles and says: “Baby yuh fi stop eating late at night and dream crap,” because, he has never hit a woman and do not support woman abuse.
Then a night ago I had a similar dream again, in the dream, there was another woman pulling him away from me and I started fighting him.
I woke up and told him, and he said: “Hun, it’s only a dream.”
Then later in the afternoon my mother and father called me asking if everything was okay with us both. I said sure. But I had a curiosity as to why they both ask such a question and my mom said she dreamt saw my boyfriend cutting up my face, and I was crying to her for help.
Now I’m starting to feel a lot more uncomfortable with these bad dreams.
I’m asking for your advice thanks.
Dear Sandy,
Thank you for writing and I do understand your discomfort with the situations.
Dreams have a powerful following in our culture and a lot of people claim that “dream don’t walk straight,” if they believe in dreams. Other see dreams as a form of prediction of what is to come. It totally depends on your stance.
However, though, these dreams are consistent, you would want to be cautious—that instinct. I do not dispute your cautiousness and I would give you caution to maintain it, because, a relationship in the first year is still young.
I don’t know how well you know your boyfriend; therefore, I cannot speak to his character. I would encourage continuous discussions with him and keep your consistency in showing him love. Do not let your caution be a hindrance in breeding a healthy relationship—because that maybe a negative trigger.
I hope this helps.
-The Owl

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