Dear Mckoy: Afraid To Leave My Satanic Boyfriend

Dear Mckoy: Afraid To Leave My Satanic Boyfriend– I recently found out that my boyfriend of two years is a Satanic.  Since I found out I have been trying to leave him, but he said that will never be possible. I have been having a lot of scary dreams that he is sacrificing me, but because I’m scared of what might happen I keep it to myself and started going to church.

I am seeking prayer at church, but he seems to know everything I do and told me to stop acting stupid because I love him and I am not going anywhere.

I need to leave this man. I need help.

St Ann.

Dear St.Ann: I find your story to be a very interesting one. But my question is if you are of the opinion that your boyfriend is a Satanic and you want to leave, why don’t you just leave?

You are accusing this boyfriend of yours to be a Satanic and you stated in your story that you are seeking prayers from the church then ask yourself what exactly is keeping you in such a relationship?  It definitely doesn’t appear to be the Satanic boyfriend of yours that’s keeping you back.   My opinion is I believe you’re the one keeping yourself in the relationship with this man.

Good luck.

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