Dear Mckoy: Afraid of having a Corona Baby

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Dear Mckoy: Afraid of having a Corona Baby–  I am well into my pregnancy and my due date is April 2nd.  As we know, the baby can come two weeks before or after the scheduled due date.
The way I am fretting now, I know my baby may come before.  My fear now is if my baby is going to have Corona.  Then it is a girl that I will be having and people going to tease her and call her Baby Corona.
Dear Writer,
Thank you for writing and I hope this finds you in good health for your upcoming delivery. I understand your concern and fears for anyone calling your daughter “Baby Corona,” but that leads to question: “you are in a good environment or toxic one—where people find it amusing to try and tease an innocent child, even for health reasons.”
On another note, it may be that you are afraid of your child catching the virus as well, however, the data that we have thus far suggests that children infected with this coronavirus are mostly showing mild symptoms.
The two questions are to be considered; and, if you are in an environment where people will try to tease your child, its best to seek alternatives for the betterment of your progressive life and child’s life. If it is a medical fear, it’s best to educate yourself on the topic more and seek the counsel of a medical professional, after which, you will be more at ease to focus on loving and caring for your child.
I wish you a safe delivery.’

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