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Dear Mckoy: 54 and In Love with a 19 Years Old


Dear Mckoy: From I was 50 years old, this little girl used to stop by my house asking for lunch money to go school.  I would give her enough to last her for the week because I was very sorry for her.  I contacted her mother and ask why the child was begging and she say the father died and it is only her with 6 of them.  It pains my heart so I ensure that the little girl never want for nothing.  She comes by my house very often and we have a father-daughter relationship.
She performs good at school and I encourage her to go college.  I pay for her college fee to go and pay her rent because the college in Town.  I buy her a little car to drive because I don’t want her to be in no hassle.  She is a beautiful and intelligent young girl now and she has matured so much.  When I see her now, I feel like I want to be her boyfriend.  She makes me feel like a young boy again.  She is studying from home because of covid and most times she by my house because of the noise from her home.  I just find myself staring at her sometimes and I dream see her at night time that sometimes I back my fist.  I use to see a big woman, but I leave her because I want to make this 19 years old girl mine.
Dear Sir: I cannot fathom how you could want to have an intimate relationship with this female who you had grown like a daughter; that is crazy.  I guarantee you that the day you try to make that move is the day that child start hating you.  That young miss considers you to be a caregiver, not a lover. 
Please do not distract/destroy her education.  You are an elderly man, please go and seek a relationship with someone in your age group; lots of females in that age range are seeking companionship.
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