Dear Mckoy. I am a married woman with three children, two of which is not for my husband but for his nephew whom I have been in love with from the first time I met him. Whenever my husband is away he would ask his nephew to assist me with any little choirs, one night the nephew and I went to a nine-night and had a couple of drinks when  we got back home we lost control, few months after my husband came back I found out I was pregnant I honestly believed it was my husband child.After my child was born it never stopped there. The nephew and I build a sexual relationship where we would enjoy each other every time my husband was away.

I then got pregnant again, only this time my child was looking a lot like my husband nephew, knowingly they are family it wasn’t a issue, until my second child got ill and it was requested for 3 units of blood be given, my husband was away so the nephew volunteered along with another family member. Now I found out my child is for my husband nephew so we decided to do a DNA on the other two children now it’s confirmed that my second and last child is for my husband nephew. Now we both not sure what to do.

The nephew is scared and said he’s moving away from us because he doesn’t want his uncle to kill him if he finds out. Should I tell my husband or should I take my children and leave before my husband returns home I am confused.

Unknown ( Unknown)

Dear Unknown,
You are to be ashamed of yourself, you have no respect or class as a married woman! How disgraceful and evil of a woman you and your husband nephew are to your husband whom I supposedly away working very hard to maintain you and his children he believes he is the father of. You are a disgrace not just to your husband but to your children that will have to deal with the burden of your bitter heart for the rest of their lives. May I advise you to keep it a secret 

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