Dear Mckoy: 18 Year Old Daughter Jealous Over My Boyfriend

Dear Mckoy: 18-Year-Old Daughter Jealous Over My Boyfriend– I am the mother of an 18-years old daughter who is very mature for her age.  I recently noticed she as a  very strange behavior whenever my boyfriend comes around.

At first, I was of the opinion that she was just uncomfortable because he’s not her father.  So I informed him of the situation and ask that we kept it on the low.

Surprisingly I had to make a quick trip overseas and when I came back my boyfriend came to visit and was having dinner with us, during which he got up and kneel in front me asking that I marry him, when suddenly my daughter shouted saying he shouldn’t marry me because I had another man overseas, which isn’t true.

Both I and my boyfriend was shocked but he was very understanding and offered to speak with her for me, as his daughters were the same age as her.  My daughter made him know that she liked him and was hoping he would ask her to be with him instead of me.  He told her that wasn’t possible and he sees her as his own daughter and just wants us all to be a family.
I am SHOCKED AND TRAUMATIZED. I love my daughter but can’t let her ruin my life from being happy.

P.B.  St.Andrew.

Dear P.B:  It appears to me that your daughter may be going through a posttraumatic depression. I would suggest that you take your time and try speaking with her in the most sincere way. 

I also suggest that you speak with a psychiatrist that deals with depression and have them further advice and assist you however best with your daughter’s behavior.
But until you have her situation address it will be a challenge with you continuing a happy relationship with your boyfriend.

Good Luck.

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