Dear Mckoy: 17 Years Old with Lesbian Feelings

Dear Mckoy, I am 17 and the only girl of 6 siblings living with my mother. I find myself being very attracted to other women and would sometimes think of crazy things I want to do with them especially if they are sexy with big ass.

I told my mother about my lesbian feelings am having and she went ballistic about it and now I believe she is traumatized. I tried to explain to her it’s just how I feel and what am attracted to and I am not interested in boys. After telling her she wasn’t talking to me for almost two weeks in the house, eventually, she came to me and said if I am really going to be lesbian I have to leave her house at once! I have lesbian friends that I talk with and can stay with them.

I love and respect my mommy but these feelings of attraction to women and becoming a lesbian are feelings I can’t change. I don’t know what to do.

(Coco) St Andrew.


Dear Coco,
You are only 17 years old and living with your mother as you mentioned. You are still young and have plenty of time to really think about what you are presently feeling and if that’s the road you really want to take. Although it appears you have already made up your mind to become a lesbian I suggest you try to take things slow and focus more on your education level and not rush so fast into adulthood.  


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