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Dear Mckoy, I don’t want my real name to be published. I am living with my mother and stepfather along with two step-siblings. From I became 16 my stepfather started having sex with me.

I never told anyone because he’s the one that takes care of me. My mother told me my father was a thief and got killed by the police, so my stepfather is the only father I know.

I am still in school but will be leaving soon. I wasn’t feeling well and told my big woman friend because I was afraid to tell my mother or stepfather so she took me to the doctor and we found out am pregnant.
My friend said I should tell my mother or if I want she could accompany me and I tell them, but I am scared to tell my mother because it’s for my stepfather. I feel like running away I don’t know what to do.

Unknown. Jamaica.

Dear Unknown.

We do not publish our writer’s real name or location unless they requested that we do so.

Your situation is very unfortunate and sad. I do suggest you tell your mother at once about your situation and since your friend offer to accompany you, go ahead and let your mother know. 
Running away will not solve your situation but will only make it worst.


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