Dear Mckoy: 17 and Pregnant for my Sister Boyfriend

Dear Mckoy: 17 and Pregnant for my Sister Boyfriend I’m from the parish of Portland but recently came to live with my sister and her boyfriend in Kingston.

Her boyfriend is very nice to me and always takes me to parties with him wherever he is going, the reason being my sister doesn’t like to party.

Now some time ago we went to a party and we both got drunk. The next thing I knew we were in a hotel bed making out.
We kept it a secret as my sister trusted me and her boyfriend being in each other’s company. Now weeks have passed and I now found out I’m pregnant.

My sister is not yet aware of my pregnancy but her boyfriend knows and wants me to abort it. I agree with having the abortion but he keeps on saying that he doesn’t have the money to get it done. And neither do I have the money.
I love my sister and I don’t want to hurt her. I don’t know what to do.

Sass Portland.

Dear Sass.
                 First of all, you should have never been going to parties with your sister’s boyfriend if she refused to go with him. And secondly even then you went, you should have known your limit in drinking and not have gotten drunk for it to reach to the point you ended up in a hotel bed with your sister’s boyfriend and is now pregnant for him.

You are both wrong and it is obviously his was intention to take you to bed before now and that’s exactly what he did.

What I do suggest is you should open up to your sister and tell her the truth and in doing so be prepared for the worst. you may contact the Women’s Centre of Jamaica Foundation

Address42 Trafalgar Rd, Kingston 10 


Closed ⋅ Opens 8AM

Good Luck.

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