Dear Mckoy.
I am 17 years old, living with my mother, stepfather, stepsisters and stepbrother.
My stepbrother and I have always been very close until we started having feelings for each other.We became girlfriend and boyfriend but kept it a secret and planned that when I become 18 we would move out and get our own place so we can live together.Now I found out I am pregnant and my parents want to know who is the father. I am a little scared to tell them because I am not sure How they will react knowing it’s for my stepbrother. I feel like running away, I am not sure what to do. My stepbrother said he will accompany me to tell our parents and will stand his responsibilities but I am worried.St ANN. JAMAICA.Dear St ANN.

                   It is best you be opened with your parents and tell them the truth, who the father of your child is. 
I suggest you allow your stepbrother to accompany you and you both be opened with your parents and tell them the Truth so you can all better deal with the situation in a family way.
Good Luck. 

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