Dear Editor – The killing is not so random

Dear Editor,

I am a police officer stationed in the parish of St Andrew. This Government has been providing us with resources to fight crime, but there is some pushback in the Jamaica Constabulary Force higher up who seem to be politically motivated.

Much pushback seems to be happening for this Government to fail, so the citizens of the country will get demotivated and begin to demonstrate to destabilise the country.

Also, these drive-by shootings are not really random acts; people are being paid to drive around at night to shoot people.

When Robert “Bobby” Montague was the minister of national security we found five sets of guns that ballistics show are doing some killings in Jamaica. The random killings that are taking place in the Corporate Area seem to be from three of those same sets of guns that were doing all the killings.

Crime will not go down in Jamaica as long as Andrew Holness is the prime minister and the Jamaica Labour Party is the Government of the day.
Please remember which party said these words: “We will do anything to gain power, because we are the best party for Jamaica.”

The police and soldiers manning the states of emergency (SOE) and zones of special operations (ZOSO) posts are frustrated.

Politicians need to stop paying ghetto youth money to drive around and kill innocent people. Enough is enough!

Frustrated police officer

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