Dear Editor: Searching for My Birth Mother

Hi everyone, My name is Terry-Ann Bennett formally Claudette Brown. I was adopted.  I’m here trying to find my mother Beverly Hylton, whose known address in the 80’s was 15 Ricketts Crescent Kingston. She is originally from Manchester.

Her description: Brown and short very good looking and slim. They called her chin.

While in Kingston in 80’s she was with a man named Mike who she got her daughter (Valerie Carmen Murray) at age 19 in 1984, whose pet name was chin just like her mommy.

After that Beverly left Mike and dated Mr. Felix Alexander Fraser otherwise called “blood vain” who she had another daughter (Claudette Fraser) at age 20 in 1985.

Beverly Hylton lived with Fraser. She has two daughters in Kingston. There could be more siblings I would love to know them and Beverly Hylton’s family. I would love to know my grandparents if they are still alive etc…

I found my dad and his side of the family. It is also urgent to find my mom. I was adopted and never get the chance to meet my mom and I would love to see her. I was trying to get a picture of her but no one had it.

if anyone knows her whereabouts plz call me at 8764887131 or message me on my facebook page

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