One woman is now dead and four other persons seriously injured and rushed to the hospital, following their involvements in a motor vehicle accident which occurred along a section of the Spur Tree Hill on Saturday, August 11th.
Reports by the St Elizabeth police are that on Saturday afternoon a Concrete Mixer truck was traveling up Spur Tree Hill.
On reaching a section of the roadway the driver lost control of the vehicle which swerves across the roadway,  and the mixer tank capsized from the rear.
The mixer tank fell immediately on top of a motor vehicle which was being driven by the deceased,  and which was travelling immediately behind the truck.
The police and fire Department was summoned and upon arrival, it took the fire fighters several hours to remove the heavy mixer tank from on top of the car.
The driver and other occupants were rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead and the other victims admitted in serious condition.
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