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deadly attack on 86 yr-old deem sexually motivated

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An 18 year-old man who allegedly committed a deadly attack on an 86 year-old woman, said to be sexually motivated was arrested and charge with murder.

Neven Glen Butler, an ex-football player and former member of the varsity football team from 2015 to 2016, is said to have committed a deadly attack on 86 yea-old Fusako Petrus, after she began assisting her 61 year-old friend whom the ex player initially attacked,  as they were walking on the track at Highlands High School outside Sacramento, California.

According to the Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Tony Turnbull told reporters the attack was “sexually motivated.” ” The friend escaped but the Petrus was killed.”

“There was no rhyme nor reason for this,” he says. “This was an innocent woman going about her day. This guy was just very brazen.”

Butler is being held without bail in the Sacramento County Jail after being booked Friday on a murder charge and two counts of assault with attempt to commit rape.

Authorities say he was already in custody for an unrelated but similar assault on Wednesday of a 92-year-old woman at a local elderly care home.

His arraignment was Friday afternoon, he is now schedule to be arraigned for the deadly attack on Petrus and the attack of her 61 year-old friend.

It is alleged that Butler attacked the 61 year-old and it was then that Petrus came to her assistance.

“She turns around and sees her friend being attacked, and she comes to her aid,” Turnbull says, alleging, “Once she comes to her aid, Butler turns his attention on her and ended up assaulting her and inevitably causing the injuries that caused her death.”

Turnbull says that Petrus was wielding a stick but “unfortunately it wasn’t a big walking stick. It was smaller. I don’t know if she hit him, but she had the walking stick in her hand.”

Butler was under investigation and the immediate suspect after the other assault at a care home in Sacramento on Wednesday afternoon.

“He didn’t work there. He had some family members who worked there, and he was visiting,” Turnbull explains.

“[Butler] just got up and, unprovoked, just started physically assaulting the 92-year-old female,” he alleges.

Turnbull says there were witnesses to the attack. “He wasn’t hiding it,” he says. “He just started assaulting her out of nowhere. We were called, and we get there and he is still on the scene and we take him into custody for that assault.”

Butler was arrested without incident and booked at the Sacramento County Jail on felony assault and elder abuse charges.

Turnbull says that after the afternoon assault, it wasn’t a stretch to probe possible links to the earlier attack.

“How often do you have two incidents so close together in time that are very similar?” he says. “He [Butler] also matched the physical description as well” and lived near the track.

Over the next two days, detectives were able to “connect” Butler to the Petrus murder and attack on the other victim, Turnbull says.


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