Dayton Campbell dismisses sexual allegations

Former Member of Parliament Dr. Dayton Campbell strongly rejects claims of sexual misconduct made against him by People’s National Party activist Karen Cross. This statement was made in a recent interview today.

The PNP General Secretary said the allegations are politically motivated and believe that it is a move largely organized by his affiliates to force him out of his career. In the interview, Campbell stated that one of the females in which he had filed a lawsuit against, said to him “if you sign these documents, I will let everything disappear.” He, therefore, blames these sexual allegations that are now arising as a part of a plot or blackmail, following his refusal to sign the document he claimed was offered to him.

“She seems to be part of a well-funded political agenda with the objective of forcing me to resign from my position as General Secretary. That would pave the way for a new General Secretary,” said Campbell.

The former MP continues to hold firmly to his stance of retaining his innocence and describes the allegations of his involvement in sexual conduct with minors, to be “baseless and scurrilous.”

Full Statement

I reject in the strongest of terms, recent and ongoing allegations made against my character by Karen Cross et al.

These allegations have been circulated widely across social media platforms and covered by some traditional media houses.

When allegations first surfaced online, the People’s National Party (PNP) referred the matter to the police. I then filed a lawsuit against Karen Cross et al for defamation having publicly denied the allegations. After “extensive investigations into the claims,” the police stated that they “found no basis to the allegations that were made”.

The police further noted that Ms. Cross “provided no evidence to substantiate the claims that she made nor was she able to provide any person interested in making a complaint against Dr. Campbell”.

In May 2021, Ms. Cross filed a set of documents in her defence. Included were three statements purportedly signed by a Justice of the Peace. All three statements were heavily redacted, edited by Ms. Cross to hide pertinent information in the document. The names of the alleged authors of the statements were all redacted in the submission to the court.

The statements which have been submitted by her are dated before the police concluded their investigation and before the lawsuit was filed, and most importantly, these statements were not provided to the police. Even more so, the Justice(s) of the Peace who allegedly witnessed these statements would be obliged under the Child Care and Protection Act to bring these matters to the attention of the police, yet the police remain unaware of any such letters.

Having denied the allegations in the strongest of terms and based on this series of actions taken by Ms. Cross to sully my reputation, I am extremely disappointed that media houses continue to carry unfounded claims.

She seems to be part of a well-funded political agenda with the objective of forcing me to resign from my position as General Secretary. That would pave the way for a new General Secretary.

It is extremely unfortunate that at a time in which the national discourse has been so focused on gender-based violence, that Ms. Cross and her benefactors would seek to trivialize this issue with baseless and scurrilous allegations.

Writer- Natasha Williams

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