Retraction And Apology- David Dunn

St. Mary, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Retraction And Apology- David Dunn: OBSERVER ONLINE apologizes to David Dunn, the brother of Dr. Norman Dunn, for reporting a post by his sister claiming that he was mentally unstable.

The post was made after David Dunn appeared on the People’s National Party (PNP) platform at Friday night’s campaign meeting in Annotto Bay and endorsed the PNP candidate, Dr. Shane Alexis, who is contesting the St Mary South Eastern constituency against Dr. Dunn, the Jamaica Labour Party candidate, in Monday’s by-election.

Jamaica Observer Online has no information to support the claim by David Dunn’s sister.

“All these allegations are wrong. No one has me as a crazy person. Is only them talking these things,” David Dunn told OBSERVER ONLINE a short while ago. “I work with various people in my community and no one has me as crazy.”

Dunn, who said he lives in Islington, St Mary, also denied that he was instructed by the PNP to endorse Dr. Alexis.

Asked what led to Dunn taking the stage, PNP Deputy General Secretary Basil Waite said that a speaker on the platform heard that Dunn was in the audience and “asked him if he wanted to come up and say something”.

Dunn also denied that he was left on the road after the rally.


Contributed By: Nichola Panton

Quoted from the Jamaica Observer

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