Data on Murdered MP’s Cellphone Revealed Demands from Male Person of Interest

Lynvale Bloomfield
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Jamaica Crime News, Portland: Mckoy’s News has learnt that Detectives attached to the Portland Major Investigation Division (MID), have recovered important data from the recovered cellular phone, which was reported missing from the home of murdered People’s National Party, Member of Parliament for Eastern Portland,  Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield.

One source told our news team that a voice on the phone date, which sounded like the Person of Interest now in police custody, was overheard making demands from the murdered MP.

The voice the police say, which could be ruled as a case of extortion was overheard making demands of money, a car and a cellphone.

Up to date the police have still not released much information into the arrest, but Mckoy’s News learnt that the suspect who is now being questioned, is about 25-year-old and was picked up in Bull Bay, about 2:00 p.m., on Wednesday.

We also understood that Dr. Bloomfield and the male Person of Interest have been communicating a lot, by means of cellphone and investigators are now hoping to find a lead within these calls as they dig deeper into the phone data.

59-year-old Lynvale Bloomfield who resided at  Paisely Gardens in Portland , was discovered dead at his home, on Saturday morning, February 2.

Reports are that about 10:00 a.m., Dr. Bloomfield’s helper arrived at the house and stumbled upon his naked body lying in a pool of blood, in his bedroom.

The police were summoned and upon arrival it was discovered that Dr Bloomfield had multiple stab wounds all over his body.

The scene was processed and the lawmen discovered a black jacked along a footpath leading to the house. Dr Bloomfield body was transported to hospital , where he was pronounced dead.

Two bloody knives and a vest were found at the scene, and were sent off to the lab in Kingston for ballistic testing.
Dr Lynvale Bloomfield was born in the parish of Trelawny and attended Cornwall College institution in Montego Bay, in the 70s.

He also attended the University of the West Indies where he studied medicine and graduated as a medical doctor.

In the year 2011, he ran on the People’s National Party ticket in Eastern Portland Constituency,  where he won the seat and has been the sitting Member of Parliament up to the time of his demise on Saturday.

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