Exotic Dining Awaits at The Mainland China Restaurant

You will be in for a wide awakening when you visit the Mainland China Restaurant at Landmark Plaza, 3 Milford Rd in Ocho Rios. Mckoy’s News was not sure what to expect when we visited the restaurant opened on June 3, 2016, less than four years ago. It seems to have made its mark in Ocho Rios and is very remarkable, at a great location, serves quality food and provides fine dining to locals and visitors alike.

Owned by Danny Galani the Mainland China Restaurant is managed by Mark Madan who is very passionate about food and drinks and oversees the operations on a daily basis. Mark is tactful and has a great and inviting personality which he employs to accomplish his duties effectively and efficiently overseeing 48 staff members who have been trained to be professional and are well equipped providing satisfying VIP services to all his guests.

There are three cuisines daily under one roof but prepared in different kitchens. The services provide Jamaican dishes to include fried and curried chicken, curried goat and fish, oxtail and brown stew with rice and peas; you would imagine that your grandmother had a hand in its preparation. Tandoor food includes pocket Kaibab, garlic naan , sweet and sour kabab, pine kabab and roti. Chinese and Asian food is a must also to include chicken chili, chicken spring roll, hot and sour soup, sweet corn soup and salt and pepper fish while deserts feature different traditional foods, juices and fine wines.

Daily the restaurant is opened from 10 a.m to 12 midnight, however, closed on Tuesdays. It seats 127 patrons comfortably and has a bar also. There is a need for expansion based on its popularity and plans to do so include a new dining room with air conditioning and an outside deck also for dining with a display kitchen and reception an area. There will also be a new bar that will seat up to 75 people at any given time.

Did we mention entertainment? How could we not as that is paramount.

Saturday Nights feature a live DJ usually and there is Karaoke on Sunday Nights. During the Christmas season between December 17 and January 12, there will also be a massive “All White Party” and Mainland China Restaurant is a major host for traditional functions such as government meetings and luncheons,

weddings, birthday parties, Christmas parties and other meetings by reservations.

The restaurant is the talk of the town and is for people who know good food and not just wanting to have a meal but a lasting experience. It is often patronized by local and international officials including government officials and quite recently the High Commission of India Mr Selava Naik, The Director of Public Prosecution: Paula Llewelyn, The Honorable Usain Bolt and numerous tourist alike.M any luncheons are hosted for these officials by well know businessmen such as Mr Lachu Ramchandani O.D. JP ; Ceo and Managing Director for Blue Diamond Shopping Centre and  Danny Galani (Galani Company Limited) and theses  patrons are very confident in providing positive feedback of their visit also which is quite impressive.

Mainland China restaurant is exactly what Jamaica needs and will be anchored in food memories and revisited over and over again.

Danny Galani Mainland China Restaurant

Danny Galani Mainland China Restaurant

Danny Galani Mainland China Restaurant

Danny Galani Mainland China Restaurant

Danny Galani Mainland China Restaurant


Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China Restaurant

Mainland China Restaurant



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