D’Angel Schools Her Haters With New Single, ‘Teach Di Gyal’

D’Angel Is ‘Stress Free’ As She Channels Lady Saw In New Video

D’Angel, known for her sultry style of dancehall, has released a new video that pays homage to the now-retired Lady Saw.  The new visuals, titled Stress Free modernizes the former dancehall queen’s hugely successful song Man Is the Least, which was produced by Dave Kelly and released in 2004.  Watch both below.

In her distinctive voice D’Angel, whose real name is Michelle Downer, sings: “Me stress-free and me nah in ah excitement,” in a gold bodysuit that accentuates her curves.

Her song, like Lady Saw’s, is about not being stressed over love and simply living your best life.  Stress Free, which was produced by Kemar “Flava” McGregor, was released in May 2019, but the official video was released on YouTube on Friday, May 29th.

In 2015, Lady Saw, who now goes by Minister Marion Hall, announced that she would no longer contribute to dancehall, and would instead dedicate her life to Christianity.

Throughout the new video, several dancers are shown throwing down some unique dancehall moves while she tells a story of not only being stress-free but not letting herself become open to negative vibes. At one point, she sings: “Why you want trouble me, me never bother you. Stop follow up meh life girl ah wah happen to you, that’s why me private meh page, yuh little stalker you,” as she enjoys a game of ludo, looking totally serene and unbothered by any attempts to destroy her peace.

D’Angel then describes why some women have a problem with her and adds that it’s not her fault that she cooks well and dresses nice. At another point in the video, she is featured in a form-fitting dress that shows off her body as she dances to the song. That scene is set to a street party at night, one of Jamaica’s great past times.

The video features many costume changes for D’Angel, all of which place particular emphasis on the 42-year-old’s body as she shows that she has some raucous dance moves. She even wears a pink outfit, probably mimicking a similar outfit that Lady Saw wore in her video for Man Is The Least.

She does well to build on Lady Saw’s already colossal hit and by cleverly incorporating social media and making the tune her own as well.

The video is hot from start to finish, and the street party aspect of it looks like a throwback to the nineties when Lady Saw would have ruled the airwaves in clubs and parties like the one featured.

Fans have already begun to show appreciation for the track, with many of them commenting on the tastefully done sex appeal that the video features. The song is catchy enough to become a lady’s anthem, and even though Minister Marion Hall probably won’t comment on it, even she might secretly admit that she’s proud of the tribute.

Watch D’Angel’s Stress Free below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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