Dancehall Queen Spice Makes History

Latest Entertainment News [ Mckoy’s News] Dancehall Queen Spice Makes History – Dancehall artiste “Spice” whose given name is Grace Hamilton has made history once again by being the first Jamaican artiste to be interviewed on Britain’s number one morning show Good Morning Britain.’ The very talented mother of two has not only been dominating the local scenes but making great international moves and creating history while simultaneously spreading the Jamaican culture wide and far. Spice was hosted as a special guest on the show yesterday for an interview for one of the biggest annual carnival in Notting Hill, London in which she previously performed and is the headliner for this year. Spice revealed in a video posted on her Instagram page that during the live interview, the presenter Richard Gaisford requested that she performed her song “Cool It.” This went down with more astonishing yet cheerful reviews than what was expected, as Spice who was being her usual high energy but bubbly persona frantically grabbed Gaisford by the collar after he had finished ‘cooling her down.’

The viewers of the television programme, Spice’s fans, the other presenters and even Gaisford himself were all left in a frenzy of laughter at Richard’s dancing and facial reaction towards Spice’s sudden thug on the front of his jacket during the ‘danceoff.’ One viewer shared that “I spat my breakfast watching this show earlier today,” he claimed. Another viewer who also enjoyed watching the programme commented “I was cracking [up with] laughter while watching it this morning…Brilliant! @spiceofficial you brought the Jamaican vibes to Good Morning,” she exclaimed. Others were very elated to see another side of the presenter Richard as he seemed to have enjoyed the performance just as much as Spice did; “Richard was so funny. This is how it should be every morning. Keep this team,” another viewer said. The entire team seemed to have really played a great role in how cohesive, fun and interactive the show turned out as the video of Spice and the presenter Richard was posted on the ‘Good Morning Britain’s’ page with the caption “who knew our newsreader was a dancehall king?”

However, while some viewers and fans enjoyed that little ‘Spice versus Richard showdown,’ another major highlight for others was Spice’s presence on the show as the first Jamaican artiste and the feeling of great pride and honour it brought to the supporters of her home country Jamaica. Spice was made aware of this through numerous comments from her fans, a few of which reads, “The number one artiste in Jamaica period. Spice making the biggest move for the culture,” one viewer stated. In another historical move made by Spice which was said to make an impact on the entire Jamaican diaspora was her “Black Hypocrisy” interview on the American radio program “The Breakfast Club.” She was also the first dancehall artiste to grace that set with some dancehall vibe; one viewer also agreed with this statement in her comment where she stated “HERSTORY 1ST DANCEHALL [ARTISTE] TO APPEAR ON BREAKFAST [CLUB]!!! When you realized just how far we have come…it’s kind of emotional. Well done…Let’s hope you will not be the last” she said.  To concrete overall the feeling of pride and joy felt by members of the Jamaican public and in particular Spice’s fans, this comment captivates it all “You have been doing several “FIRST” congratulations @spiceofficial. You work hard…you deserve ALL the good coming your way!”

The interview on the Notting Hill Carnival which will be held on Sunday, August 25th was also published in “The Guardian” paper with a special spread feature on an already epic event having the ‘spicy’ one as the headliner.

Therefore, it can be said that the queen of dancehall has been living up to her title with not only her history making records and numerous hits within the past few months but also through her Grace Hamilton Women Empowerment Foundation (GHWEF). Through this foundation Spice also recently hosted a ‘Back to School Treat’ to assist parents of needy children with school supplies for the upcoming academic year. Despite her efforts and assistance from sponsors and other agencies that came on board it was never enough to provide for the massive crowd which was way more than what she expected. The artiste shared in a post made on Instagram that she “sincerely apologized to the children and parents who were left disappointed…I too [was] left in tears as I didn’t have enough to give.”  Spice however promised on making the next treat a “bigger, better and more organized one.”

It is always a great pleasure and joyful delight when someone excels and Grace Hamilton otherwise called Spice should be applauded and given higher recognitions for her great, never-ending and selfless contributions to the arts, humanitarianism and the country overall. Dancehall Queen Spice Makes History.

Natasha Williams – Writer

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