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Dancehall nice again!!!, jahmiel diss chronic law in ‘357’

Dancehall nice again, jahmiel diss chronic law in ‘357’

This one is produced by patriotz muzik
The patriot boss when direct  showing no mercy countering everything that chronic law said in the song ‘pree’

“Humpty dumpy want fi shub up him head” jahmiel calling chronic law fat and short right here the patriot boss is very ruthless

What would chronic law have to say to this?

“Done tek gas up suh yuh nobody draw breaks”. Jahmiel saying do not throw any white flag, in other words, don’t run

“Garlic only touch them knife when them a cook “ addressing a line in “pree” when chronic law said “walk with a knife blade rub up with garlic” jahmiel saying that law boss only use the knife when him a cook

“Bout power cut you need fi pay yuh bill p***y” when chronic law said that “power cut inna the night and that still no match the level of darkness “ jahmiel saying your not dark you just not paying your light bill

Chronic law is now left to respond to the brutal diss



Jevauhani Nelson – News Reporter 

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