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Dancehall fans tease selector Foota Hype about wearing short pants


Dancehall selector Foota Hype, was the subject of much ridicule recently after he posted photos of himself wearing short pants on Instagram.

In the first photo, the entertainer wore a pair of short pants and huge pair of boots, which, followers claimed were ill-fitting and made his leg look like drumsticks and were also unsuitable for the excessively hot summer weather.

“Footah a who gi u dem golash deh,” one fan, Barefoot Cinderella posted.

“Weh di fashion police deh!” an amused Miss 6yan posted, while Sohype Shanz piped in: “Foota Hype, come gwope inna d yaad go tek off dah boot deh!”


Dancehall fans tease selector Foota Hype about wearing short pants

The teasing continued with Sasique Music proclaiming: “So wah mek foota a get so marger ,and then dem boots dem show him up” even as Goldinde quipped: “Sure those are not your legs.”

Other fans wondered whether the entertainer had inadvertently lost weight, while others and wanted to know whether he had gone on some form of weight-loss diet.

“Foota Hype, u getting a bit slim down mi boss r u on a diet,” Sky Williams asked.

As much as u always a nyam, why u look like u a get marga?” Yvette Thomas questioned.

In the second photo fans urged Foota not to lose any more weight, while in the third they recommend that he desist from wearing shorts.

“Sir, you must not wear short pants.  It’s not for you,” another follower posted.

But there was one woman who was impressed by Foota’s look.

“U look good Foota, (you) must be vegan,” Risto Minette said.



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