Dancehall Artistes Hot Frass & Flyght Get Into Physical Fight Over Studio Time

There’s never a dull moment in dancehall as artistes are often confronting each other to assert their dominance. This is even more applicable to new and rising deejays.

It seems a dispute over studio time got nasty and became physical on Tuesday (May 19) between Hot Frass and Flyght (fomerly known as Bluugo), the 2018 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition winner.

Veteran Dancehall selector Foota Hype shared video of the incident.

In that video several punches and kicks were thrown between the two artistes as they take on each other. Another clip has Flyght, who changed his name in 2019, walking down a street saying that whether it’s words or physical he’s ready for it.

Both deejays told Irie FM their side of the story; however, it’s quite clear that it was a matter of who believes they are more important than the other.

According to Flyght, who apparently initiated the physical violence, Hot Frass came to the studio and tried to bully his way with the engineer to have his song recorded faster.

“Him forward ah the studio come Spanish Town and him ah play like him ah the bigger artist like him wah record before me, yuh know what I mean,” Flyght said. He added that Hot Frass seemed to be in a rush.

“Him wah bully the engineer and tell him say yo me ah record one song and go meh brother me have things to do you know,” he continued. It seems that both artistes eventually left the studio but Flyght was so enraged by the encounter that he confronted Hot Frass at a bar.

He said that they: “go oneside and the argument start and tussle, tussle and dem hole an pon we.” Though he admitted to attacking Hot Frass, he said that he tried to behave himself because at the end of the day, he doesn’t want any trouble.
“Who respect me me respect them. Yuh come see me at the studio, yuh wait brother!”

According to Hot Frass he was in a rush because he wanted to abide by the quarantine laws currently in effect for Jamaica as they try to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. He said because he expressed that he wanted to speed things up Flyght became agitated and words were thrown and this eventually led to the physical confrontation.

“I’m not really a fire starter but me ah go stand up for myself, me always preach peace,” the artiste said. Even though he’s an advocate for peace, he said “me cah allow no boy fe walk pon me.”

He then described how it went down saying that he was chilling at a bar when Flyght pulled up. Hot Frass said that it seemed to him that the attack was “premeditated stuff” because “man ah just jump out.”

Hot Frass added that he wants nothing to do with breaking the law and that this was the first time he had been involved in a fight of this nature. “Me ah man always keep to mehself and just do music.”

Both artistes were reprimanded by the Jamaican police and discharged. The altercation may lead to a war of words between the two artistes in the near future as neither is likely to let the issue fade away.


Source: Dancehallmag

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