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Damion Crawford Claps Back at Ian Hayles as PNP Leadership Drama Continues


Latest Jamaica News (McKoy’s News):  Damion Crawford Claps Back at Ian Hayles Peoples National Party (PNP) Vice President Damion Crawford, has clapped back at Member of Parliament for Western Hanover Ian Hayles, in a Facebook post on Monday.

The former University of the West Indies UWI) Guild president threw verbal barbs at Hayles, a three-time MP, who had accused him of calling presidential candidate Peter Bunting, of the Rise United faction, dirty names; gossiping about party leader Peter Phillips, as well as failing to establish an executive in the East Portland constituency, and generally being a time-waster in that parish.

Hayles had made his accusations in a five-minute video which has been circulating on social media platforms since Sunday.   But in his response, Crawford appeared to pour scorn on Hayle’s cognitive abilities.

“DC: ‘The country needs the best prime minister available at this time and Phillips is the best we have to offer …. If the ppl ask for bread why will we give them stone and if the ppl ask for fish why would we give a serpent”, he posted on his Facebook page, quoting the excerpt from the recent speech he had made, which had evoked the ire of Hayles.

“Bunting ppl: ‘Damion call bunting a serpent’,” he said alluding to Hayles’ video, before adding: “Lololol we need more teachers”.

Some of Crawford’s supporters urged him on, while many of them mocked Hayles, claiming he is not too bright.

Make sure Ian Hayles is enrolled for classes,” Barbara Bailey posted.

Can I tell you he (Damion has been called all kinds of names and now the heat’s on him like he is the one Bunting running against.  Hold the fort my friend as God timing his not man and his plans is not man’s, so watch and say nothing only what needs to, my caretaker and MP.  Forward with Crawford and Phillips One PNP like it or not,” Aliboo Ezbib said.

Vivienne Pryce also championed Crawford’s cause:  “Whe unuh a tek set pon Damion fa.  Look how rise Unite people dem a tear him down.  Talk anything u want Damion,” she encouraged.

On the other hand, some Comrades blasted the university lecturer for what they said was his tendency to prolong quarrels, instead of taking the moral high ground and not responding.

Damion you realize a you always deh on Bunting name on platform and no other VP, you need to sit back and think and about how things ago progress going forward, because remember you aim is to be PM one day.   And right now the likes of Mikhail a position himself nicely for that spot to and the man nah talk loosely on platform like how you a gwan.   I wish I was hearing plans you have for the party going forward remember that you seeking re-election as VP and not just speech to have persons laugh,” Kerone Edwards said.

We are not ‘Bunting people’ Comrade Crawford. Nobody owns us! We are comrades with brains too; who believe comrade Bunting is better suited to lead at this time. We can respectfully debate that, but debating that topic would be difficult for you since you have no reason except for personal ones to support Comrade Leader. You’re correct that we need more teachers. We need them not just in math that you specialize in or English, but in leadership, because you’d do well with a crash course in that, SENATOR and VP,” Christopher Gordon wrote.

Others expressed their disappointment in Crawford whom they said they used to hold in high regard, noting that they felt let down by his on-stage utterances and his social media postings.

Damion I did love you but I’m losing very thing I have inside of me for you, you’re showing the world that you’ll not be fit to run for Leadership of this Party.   Why gravel so low??   The things you are saying about Comrade Bunting is not good enough. Come on man this cannot be about Comrade Bunting not walking with you in East Portland, it look like it is more than what we really think. Stop it man!! Stop it!! And anyone who support you in this foolishness is no good,” Dorett McFarlane posted.

I’m really a poor judge of character. In my eyes you were perfect and could do no wrong Damian… now I read your utterance and I want to squeeze my own throat (not for pleasure).   Can’t believe I had you as a prime ministerial candidate. I’m just horrible at selecting men. KMT. You disappointed me!” Taviky Morgan said.

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