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Daisy Bell is 102

Daisy Bell

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Daisy Bell is 102: Many person’s  dream in life, is to live past a hundred years old.One person who is so happy to reach that far and counting by some days, is Daisy Bell, who has now reached 102,  plus a few weeks. Now living at the Hospice Centre at Albion in St James, Daisy was a resident of 15 Paradise Row in Montego Bay for nearly five decades.Despite not having a child of her own, she has helped to raise many in the inner city communities of Paradise Row and North Gully.

Daisy Bell is 102

During her days,  she looked  after many children while their mothers  went to work.’I operated a small daycare on my verandah, caring for many children who are now adults. “Those days were nice, children then were mannerable than now,” said Miss Bell, remembering the old days.

Last year, over 50 residents of Paradise Row and children who she helped raise, turned out to her Birthday Party at the Hospice. They helped her to cut her cake and sang along with her favorite Hymnal. She was glad to see them and hoped she may live to see them for at least another 10 years. At the moment, the oldest person living in the Paradise Row community, after miss Bell left, is Gloria Samms Lewis. She is now 86 years old.She was born there.

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