D-Major And Busy Signal Add Spin On Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Something New’

Wiz Khalifa’s quarantine bop, Something New, has gotten a sexy dancehall facelift thanks to Jamaican singer D-Major and winning collaborator, Busy Signal.

The track, which marks D-Major’s production debut on his Antilouvian Records, was born thanks to an Instagram poll, organic chemistry, and divine timing.

The singer told DancehallMag he’d first heard the Khalifa featuring Ty Dolla $ign joint when it premiered in 2017 and had no intention of covering it.

“It’s a song I’ve always liked since that time; I was always singing the chorus, and I loved the melody,” he said. “Since quarantine, there’s been the TikTok sensation with the song, and mi a seh wow, look how music is, look how this song really blowing up now because of this whole thing. I wasn’t even thinking about doing a spin on it until I don’t know what hit me one day, and I said, ‘I wonder if a dancehall version woulda nice?’…”

He took to his Instagram account and asked fans if they would be game for a Jamaican version, and the scores of fire emojis signaled approval.

He subsequently teamed up with Future World Production to make the idea a reality. Though he’s had numerous collaborations with Busy Signal (including the timeless Party Like It’s Your Birthday banger featuring Richie Loop), Something New originally had no featured act.

“I went to Big Yard Studio, and I was trying to book some time for one day in the week, and my bredren Busy was there,” D-Major said. “I was playing the instrumental and singing the chorus, and Busy hear it and seh, ‘Major that bad, mek mi do a verse’ and me seh ‘perfect, cause it’s been a while since we’ve done a collab and people been asking since Party Like It’s Your Birthday’ so this was the perfect opportunity…

“The collaboration wasn’t really planned, but that is the mystical and magical thing, and this is why we never force a collab. Yuh have a thing weh name chemistry weh mi believe inna 100 per cent inna music so a dat we work off of.”

The fan-approved concept has morphed into a song already receiving healthy radio rotation since its May 29 premiere.

“The feedback has been overwhelming so far and it’s a joy to see something evolve from nothing and have people a part of the journey,” said D-Major. “DJs a support it and really seem to be feeling this version. Nothing compares to creating something from nothing and having people appreciate it.”

With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting the usual flow of the live entertainment scene, the singer is currently focused on nourishing his creativity and growing his artistic brand.

“I’m just staying creative and taking it a day at a time, that’s the best that we can do,” he said. “I’m exploring too. This song is my first personal project as a producer. I never planned to do it this year, but we dig deep inna times like this, and now you can add a feather inna the hat as I’m a producer. We’re just growing in different areas.”

Check out D-Major’s Something New, featuring Busy Signal below.


Source: Dancehallmag

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