CXC Examination to be Introduced into the Prison System

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Jamaica News, February 8, 2018                                                                               

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – CXC Examination: The Ministry of National Security says later this year the CXC Examination will be introduced into all prisons across Jamaica and this is aimed at curbing crime and educating our youths who have fallen to the system.

The Honorable Security Minister,  Robert Montague in a recent interview stated that this new CXC Examination system in prisons will be aimed at Juveniles who cannot read or write.

According to the Minister, this programme is also going to be made mandatory so that adults who are serving a prison sentence over six months, and cannot read will be taught how to read and write. They will also be allowed to sit the examination.

The minister also spoke on the introduction of the Electronic Bracelet System which has already been introduced at the Tamarind Farm Prison.

He pointed out that so far,  thirty prisoners are part of the programme and they are now moving over to Richmond Prison where another thirty prisoners will be introduced to the Electronic Bracelets.

These prisoners will be fitted with a bracelet and be part of a programme which sees them being transported to various communities and will be required to carry out various community work.

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