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‘Curvy Diva’ to open restaurant on Valentine’s day


Media personality and recording artiste Yanique ‘Curvy Diva’ Barrett is poised to make her restaurateur debut this Valentine’s day with the official opening of her Dining With Curvy Restaurant with a Midnight in Paris Valentines theme in Kingston Jamaica.

Yanique, who had started her Dining With Curvy as a pop up kitchen and delivery service last year, took the opportunity to expand the wildly successful endeavor to a full blown restaurant in December.

Now with renovations completed, the self-taught chef is ready to cater to a larger audience with the help of her trained and certified staff.

“I’ve always wanted to open a restaurant because cooking is a passion of mine, but I’m a firm believer in doing things properly or not doing it at all. After the pop up kitchens last year I know I’m ready to take this major step and so far the support is overwhelming,” Yanique shared.

Curvy Diva is also in studio recording a few additional collaborations to be released this year. Her 7 track EP ‘Underestimated’ will also be officially released on April 13.

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