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A Family Grieves the Execution Murder of Jamaican Man in Florida

Lauderhill, Flordia (McN) – Jamaican, Gary Wallock, gunned down – Execution style in front of his girlfriend. Lauderhill police believe he was targeted and executed outside a fish market. 34-year-old Gary Wallock’s family told local 10 news (Florida) that it is hard coping with his death, they are now making funeral arrangements. “I gotta go and bury […]

George Flowers

HIV+ George Flowers Fights Extradition to Face Charges in Canada

Canada and Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Since 2012 the Toronto Police issued a Canada-wide arrest warrant for an HIV positive man, George Flowers, alleged to have had unprotected sex with four or more women, including his wife without disclosing to them his HIV status. The Canadian justice system have sought to put on trial  Jamaican Born George […]


US$70,000 worth of coke in Patties: in Jamaican Woman’s suitcase

Jamaica, Queens (USA) – McKoys News reports that a Jamaican woman traveling from Kingston to New York on Tuesday, January 17 was arrested after 4 lbs of cocaine was found in a box of beef patty she was carrying. According to US Federal Customs and Border Protection, Chantal Alecia Bedward arrived at JFK Airport from […]

1990 murder

Jamaican Extradited – DNA Linked Him to 1990 Murder – Full Story

Mountainside, St. Andrew (Mckoy’s News) – The long arm of the law closed the 1990 murder case of a Florida woman who was shot execution style in her home by a cleaned shaved, thin mustache, now known to be Jamaican man – who knocked on her door, well dressed in church pants, leather shoes, and […]

Spiritaul Bags

Voodoo Doctor – Lottery scammer Arrested: No Hucus Pocus Helped!!

MONTEGO BAY, St James (McN) – The new trend for lottery scammers according to the Lottery Scam Task Force is to get “spiritual” help to “guard” them in their crime.  The St. James task force reports that a man and his Haitian wife confessed that they were voodoo practitioners when they were arrested during a […]

Newspaper Vendor Chopped in MoBay

Lunch Chop

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – Popular Montego Bay newspaper vendor and mascot for the Montego Bay United Football team ‘Lunch’ as he is affectionately called by many, is now battling for his life in the Cornwall Regional hospital. He was attacked and chopped on Friday morning, January 20 just outside the JN Bank on Harbour Street, […]

Baby murdered by gunmen in Hanover

Brutish men killed 18 month old and 5 year old babies -follow-up

Hanover, Jamaica (McN) – Williamsfield is in mayhem knowing that they are powerless against heartless thugs with high powered guns. The once quite community in Hanover has been disrupted since last November when a woman was murdered, and another person murdered in the community in December of 2016. And now with this massive murder and […]

St James gangs

Renown St Elizabeth Gangster Brothers Killed by Other Gunmen

St. Elizabeth, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News ) –  St Elizabeth Gangster Brothers: two men who are well known to the St. Elizabeth Police as dangerous gangsters, causing mayhem in the parish, were shot and killed by gunmen before daylight on Thursday morning. Reports reaching Mckoy’s News are, that around 4 am on Thursday, January 19, 2017, […]

Montego Bay Mortician Chrissy, Mortician Chrissy Johnson, Christine "Chrissy" Johnson Vaughn

Montego Bay Bids Farewell to Mortician Chrissy Johnson

Montego Bay, St James (McKoy’s News) – Mortician Chrissy Johnson: Farewells wishers turned out for the homegoing service of Montego Bay mortician, Christine “Chrissy” Johnson Vaughn. Johnson Vaughn was shot and killed while leaving a party in the Bogue Village section of Montego Bay, in December 2016. She was a staff at the Delephana Funeral […]

122 Murdered In Westmoreland Since The Start Of The Year

28 year old Chef Shot and Murdered in Cambrige, St. James

Cambrige, St. James (McN) – A 28 year-old chef who owns and operates a cook shop in the Cambridge area is the latest victim murdered by gunmen in St. James. Another man who was at the cook shop at the time of the shooting was also shot and injured. The victim is identified as Jodi Campbell, […]


Tripple Murder in HANOVER: including 18 month old and 5 year old

Hanover, Jamaica (Mcn) – Three persons including an 18 month old baby, and his 5-year-old uncle were shot and killed by gunmen at Williams Field in Hanover last night. Dead are Hopeton Lee, otherwise called “Zeeks,” 34 years-old laborer, Kimani Johnson 5 year-old, and his 18 month old nephew Daquan Davidson. The 41 years-old mother […]


Electrician Shot From Utility Pole in Westmoreland

Westmoreland, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Electrician Shot From Utility Pole: a 28-year-old man was shot and killed by gunmen while working on the top of a utility pole in Negril, Westmoreland last Sunday morning. The victim is identified as Deon Miller, otherwise known as “Lion Paw,” of a Negril Address. Reports by the Negril Police […]


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