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'rastamen' fighting

‘Rastamen’ fighting- ‘Rastamen’ fighting after exchanging expletives

‘Rastamen’ fighting are words never used in the same sentence, unless it is on the topic of oppression to bring a point across. A video have circulated on social media in Kingston, Jamaica, showing two rastamen fighting in light of what many said was due to the exchange of expletives, followed by the phrase ” […]

Businessman Pointing Gun,

Video Businessman Points Gun at Passing Motorist on Carnival Night

St. Andrew, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Businessman Points Gun at Passing Motorist: the video above shows a man in the streets pointing a handgun at each motorist passing by on Carnival night. He was arrested for his actions which placed motorist in fear on Sunday April 23. The man in the video has been identified as […]

Hayes Police Station

Clarendon: Shooting in Hayes Police Station, Masked Gunmen Entered

BREAKING Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) –  Masked gunmen entered the Hayes Police Station in Clarendon on Sunday April 23, and prepared to challenge the station guard in a gun battle, who opened fire on them before they fled the station. Reports in to Mckoy’s News are that a white Toyota Axio motorcar with no license […]

Chopping, Jamaican Soldier Arrested

Jamaican Soldier Arrested For Chopping-Up Father to Death

Manchester, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – “They seemed to have come out in support of the person [McDonald]. The police had to turn out in their numbers to prevent further disturbance,” an officer reported as the soldier, 29-year-old Private Sebastian McDonald, son of the deceased was arrested in the community of Battersea, Manchester. An upheaval was created […]

dominatrix extortion

Connecticut Dominatrix extortion has landed her in court

The realm of a dominatrix, is a fantasy for many as people are often thrilled with the idea of being in control in the bedroom, while others like the idea of being controlled. One woman took it too far as she capitalized on a dominatrix extortion, which is really the negative and illegal side of […]


14-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead on Woodpecker Avenue, Kingston

Kingston, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Police today are investigating the death of 14-year-old girl shot dead in Kingston 11 this morning April 20. Shanika Phillips, 14-year-old  of Swallow Road, was shot near her home as she walked from a shop. The Hunts Bay Police report that at about 12:05 am, Phillips and a female family member […]

demonic mom

Demonic mom arrested and charge with child endangerment

“Tell your daddy” are the words coming from a demonic mom, who was seen in a video, using lighter to burn her 1 year old son. Jamelle Peterkin, a 23 year old demonic mom of Houston, Texas, appeared in court on Monday after being arrested, to answer charges of child endangerment. The baby’s screams that […]

Tesha Miller Charged Again

Tesha Miller Charged Again After Shocking J$100 Fine

    Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) -Tesha Miller Charged Again one day after he was fined one hundred Jamaican Dollars: on Tuesday April 18, 2017 Tesha Miller was fined maximum J$100 by the Jamaican court for making false declaration to immigration officials, this comes after he plead guilty to one of two counts of making […]

Tesha Miller Charged, Tesha Miller fined maximum J$100

Alleged gangster Tesha Miller fined maximum J$100 – Shock Court

    Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – On Tuesday April 17, 2017 Tesha Miller was fined maximum J$100 by the Jamaican court for making false declaration to immigration officials, this comes after he plead guilty to one of two counts of making false declaration to Jamaican immigration officials at the  Norman Manley International Airport, where […]

facebook maniac dead

Facebook maniac Steve Stephens dead after committing suicide

Facebook maniac dead by one bullet to the head, after committing suicide in broad daylight while evading law enforcement officers since he posted frightening videos online. Steve Stephens, the ‘Facebook shooter,’ has reportedly shot himself after being spotted by police in Erie, Pennsylvania. According to Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, Pennsylvania State Police received a 911 […]

facebook maniac

Facebook maniac Steve Stephens goes on a live killing spree

A man from Cleveland, Ohio who claimed to have reached his breaking point, turned into a facebook maniac, when he shot and killed an elderly man and posted it on Facebook, then declared he killed a total of 13 people and is planning to kill more. Steve Stephens, a manager employed to Beech Brook, a behavioural […]


Gun-war Caused Death of Two Innocent Sandy Bay Brothers, Police

UPDATE:  Clarendon, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Sandy Bay Brothers Killed: Clarendon Police are now stating the reason for the murder of the 16-year-old and 19-year-old brothers, is believed to be mistaken for a relative involved in a gun-war, who stayed at their home. Police have uncovered that the alleged motive for the killing of two teen […]

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