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Alleged Member of “Clansman” Gang – Gets 10 Years Hard Labour

Spanish Town, St Catherine (McN) – An Alleged member of the notorious Spanish Town based Clansman gang was sentenced on Tuesday January 31 to 10 years hard labour. The accused is identified as 22-year-old Jordan Markland, who was allegedly charged in 2015 with participating in a Criminal Organization. He has spent 19 months in prison awaiting the final trial and sentencing. […]

Tcika Mcbean Man Killed at Bogue Supermarket January 2017

St James: Man Stabbed Dead at Bogue Supermarket in Broad Daylight

Bogue, Montego Bay, St. James (McKoy’s News) –  Man Stabbed Dead at Bogue Supermarket: the buzzing ‘Bogue Supermarket,’ at the entrance to the Bogue Village community, off the Howard Cooke Boulevard in Montego Bay became a crime scene on Tuesday morning when a man was stabbed and killed. The victim is identified as O’Ryan McBean, […]


Judge tells man with 666 on his forehead “I am finding it really hard to look at you”

St Catherine, Jamaica (McN) – A man bearing the number “666” on his forehead appeared before Justice Judge Grace McKenzie-Henry in the St. Catherine Parish court – The judge tells the man…”I am finding it hard to look at you.” A man of a Greater Portmore addressed is accused of allegedly using a cement block […]

Shane Campbell, Aurora, Colorado, 48 Years

Aurora man sentenced to 48 years for beating tot to death for soiling herself

Aurora, Colorado, USA (McN)  “What occurred in that apartment on July 19 was nothing short of horrific. No mother should have to bury her 4-year-old child; no family should have to decide — at the advice of medical professionals — to take their little girl off of life support” A man who told police he […]


Kingston: Detective Shot in the Head Battles For His Life at KPH

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – A Kingston Central CIB detective is fighting for his life in the hospital after he was shot in the head by gunmen in Olympic Gardens, Kingston, on Saturday night. Reports reaching Mckoy’s News are that the detective, who is a sergeant at the Kingston Central CIB, was part of an operation of investigations in the Fletchers […]



TWO BURGER KING EMPLOYEES ARRESTED FOR SELLING MARIJUANA TO CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE DRIVE-THRU Two Burger King employees are out of a job after they tried to turn the fast food restaurant into a trap house! According to Complex, Garret Norris, 20, and Meagan Dearborn, 19, were allegedly selling marijuana to customers who asked for their […]

Charles Hamilton - Triple Murder - St Mary (1)

WANTED – Help the Police Find Alleged Convicted Baby Killer

St. Mary, Jamaica (McN) – TRIPLE MURDER: The man who allegedly murdered a 9-month-old baby girl, and two (2) adults last year, escaped on August 11, 2016 from the lock-up at the Islington, St Mary Police Station  — and is still being searched for by police. The St. Mary police is seeking the public’s help in […]

St James: Grandville man murdered in front of family

St. James, Jamaica (McN) – A Grandville, St. James man was shot and killed in the presence of his other family members on Sunday Morning. He has been identified as Fabian Davis, 35-years-old laborer of Gunns Drive in Granville. Reports are, that about 1:00 am on Sunday Davis was in bed at a family house […]

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Montego Bay, St. James (McN) – A police officer attached to the Montego Bay Freeport station in St. James was admitted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in serious but stable condition after he was allegedly mowed down by a motorist in Montego Bay on Saturday Night. The motorist who was shot and injured by another […]

Westmoreland: Body of unidentified man found in Car – Shot -up and Burnt

Westmoreland, Jamaica (McN) – Westmoreland  police seeking public help to identify man found burnt out in motor vehicle. The Westmoreland police are now asking members of the public for their assistance in identifying a man who was shot by unknown assailants on Friday night in the Bluefields area and his body burnt in his motor […]


ESCAPED alleged killer of 2 American Missionaries in 2016 – CAPTURED

St. Mary, Jamaica (McN) –  BACKGROUND: United States Missionaries Hentzel, of Donnellson, Iowa and Nichols, of Randolph, N.Y. who lived and worked as missionaries in Jamaica for a Pennsylvania-based religious organization called “Teams for Medical Missions” were both shot and hacked to death in Jamaica, on Saturday April 30, 2016. Both men did evangelism and Bible […]

Popular Montego Bay “Duco Man” Shot and Killed

Montego Bay, St. James (McN) –  Popular “Duco Man” who operates from a garage in Montego Bay was shot and killed by two armed men in the downtown area of Montego Bay in St. James on Friday night. Another man who was also playing dominoes was shot and wounded by the gunmen. The deceased victim […]