Craft Vendor Happy To Regain Her Craft Shop

Jamaica News: Happiness now hangs over the face of Harbour Street Craft vendor ‘Precious’ from a Lilliput address in Montego Bay. The once worried craft vendor, who has been plying her craft trade at the Harbour Street Craft Market, is now engulfed in happiness after regaining her Craft Shop.

For almost a year, Precious was experiencing some level of despondency, when a misunderstanding with her arrangements for payment and the St James Municipal Corporation occurred which led to the seizure of her Craft Shop.

Precious is now breathing a sigh of relief, and have confessed that since she has resolved her differences with the Municipal Corporation and regain her shop it seems like things have taken on a twist in upward sales. ‘Business is good for me since I came back a few weeks ago, I can buy stocks and stock up my shelves more than before, said smiling Precious. She sells Bead Jewelry, Carvings, and Caps, Blouse, Shirts, Paintings and many other Craft items.

She wants to use this medium to express her gratitude to her daughter Kenesha who has helped her much and some friends in the states who have also assisted her with the regaining of her shop at the Harbour Street Craft Market. ‘The only thing that is missing from the Craft market is the many tourist as before, we need more tour buses to come to the craft market, so that all the vendors, including myself, can benefit,” said Precious.

By: Alan Lewin

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