Cracked graves pollute Pye River Cemetery

Montego Bay, Jamaica: Cracked graves pollute Pye River Cemetery – “There are several more places here at the Pye River Cemetery to bury hundreds of more bodies”.

These were the words from one of the men who operate as a mason, at the Pye River Cemetery in Montego Bay, St James.

On a visit to the historic cemetery, one will see that the place is in an unkempt condition and looks almost full-to-capacity.

Almost every hundred yards you walk you will see a broken grave, in some cases with old burial clothing protruding from the side.

Devon Morgan, a mason for well over 35 years was quick to speak to the problem that causes so many broken graves. “The [concrete] mixture is very poor. They use a small portion of cement that weakens the material so after a time it will cause the cement to crack. If they want it to fix they can give me the work I will repair the cracked grave and restore them back to their beauty.”

The Pye River Cemetery is managed by the St James Municipal Corporation.

Pallbearers carrying the casket of the remains of Fabian Lawrence last week at the Pye River Cemetery

Alan Lewin – News Reporter




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