COVID-19 Update: 196 Confirmed Cases in Jamaica

COVID-19 Update: 196 Confirmed Cases in Jamaica
KINGSTON, Jamaica. Sunday, April 19, 2020: The National Surveillance
Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness has advised that 23 new cases of
COVID-19 have been confirmed in Jamaica, bringing the total number of cases
in the country to 196.
There are now 34 imported cases; 43 are contacts of a confirmed case; 6 are
local transmission with no epidemiological link; and 113 cases are under
investigation. Of the 113 under investigation, 95 cases are associated with a
workplace cluster.
So far, 1,809 samples have been tested; 196 were positive; 1,591 were negative
and 22 samples are pending.
There are now 119 persons in isolation and 38 in quarantine in a Government
Some 686 contacts are being traced by the parish health departments across the
island, including 179 persons associated with the workplace cluster.

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